An Introductory Guide to Dental Implants Royal Oak, MI

Dental implants have become really popular and for the last few decades; they have offered a great opportunity for people with missing teeth to fully reclaim the function and aesthetic look of their teeth. There are several reasons why you might lose your teeth earlier than expected. The most common and usual reason is often associated with tooth decay. Holes and pain in specific areas on your gums or teeth are also early indicators that perhaps your teeth are decaying. Periodontitis, also known as gum disease can is another issue which can lead to serious teeth damage. Lastly, tooth trauma can also necessitate the installation of dental implants. 

How Are The Dental Implants Placed?

Everyone who is about to do a dental implant is curious about the procedure which needs to be followed in order for this to happen. During the first stage of implantation, holes are drilled at the places where teeth are missing or damaged. The holes created are used as casings for the titanium screw which is the basis of the dental implant. Such a procedure requires excellent surgical and dental skills in order to prevent any unnecessary damage to the jaw. Recovery after dental implants takes a reasonable time frame and during this period, you may want to consider eating soft foods.

After the titanium screw is properly placed, the second step follows which is the most important one. The bone around the implant gets stronger, firm and stable. This healing process might take up to several months. However, it is possible to complete the whole thing in just one visit. But usually, it takes time. 

The last stage refers to the placement of the artificial tooth or teeth. Such teeth are specially designed according to the patient's original teeth. All teeth need to look-alike.
After the completion of the implantation, the patient is obligated to take care of these artificial teeth. No special attendance is required. The patient just needs to take care of the implants as they would with the original teeth. The use of dental floss is recommended since it can gently clean your teeth without traumatizing the gums.

What Is Used In Dental Implants?
The material which is used in dental implants Royal Oaks is mostly titanium and titanium alloy. The material interrelates very well with the bone function in the jaws without either of the two damaging the other. Other materials which can be used are aluminum, vanadium and related coatings. 

Prior evaluation by a professional dentist is very important before the installation of dental implants. There are so many responsibilities that come with dental implants and as such, you must always be ready to meet all of them. Dental implants Royal Oaks, mi clinics will be happy to help you with the best and safest installation of dental implants. 

However, you must always take extra care before committing to a long term relationship with a dentist. Although there are so many dental clinics in Michigan that offer dental implants, it is your job to do some background checks on each clinic before anything else.